The Margin is a literary and arts magazine providing space for female writers and artists to converse and create. Our purpose is to encourage and celebrate expressive women.

The Founders

Elinor Hitt, Editor in Chief

Charlotte Barnett, Deputy Editor, Social Media Editor

Cassidy Hall, Deputy Editor, Talent Coordinator

Madeleine Ohman, U.K. Editor

The Contributors

Gracie Bialecki is a writer who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She reads and works at Brazenhead Books.

Shea Braumuller is currently a Masters student in Applied Behavioral Analysis at the University of Texas in Austin. Shea enjoys drawing and woodblock printmaking.  Art has always been a passion and she continues to pursue it in graduate school. 

Lani Dickinson is a dancer in San Francisco, California. After training in classical ballet, she graduated summa cum laude from the LINES Ballet BFA program in collaboration with Dominican University of California where she was first exposed to contemporary dance. In 2015, Dickinson received the Princess Grace Award. She now dances with AXIS Dance Company, a physically integrated contemporary company in Oakland, California.

Megg Farrell is a jazz musician, singer, and songwriter performing under the name Sweet Megg. She trained in Paris and is now based in New York City, writing original jazz for Sweet Megg and folk tunes for a new project, Megg Farrell and Friends. You can find two of her albums on iTunes and Spotify: Sweet Megg & the Wayfarers and Fear Nothing by Megg Farrell.

Marie Aimee Fattouche is a French and Middle Eastern artist living and working in London. After eight years of working in and around the arts, painting, designing, and curating in Paris and Marrakech, she moved to London to complete an MA Fine Art. Graduated in 2016, she is now focused on her sculptural and writing practices.

Nikita Garrido is a designer, occasionally a model, and spends all her free time drawing. Inspired by shapes and geometry, she is influenced by Bauhaus, Picasso cubism and Ricardo Bofill's architectural work. It is also in her travels that she draws her ideas, always animated by the sun.

Chelsea Hirn is a PhD student in prehistoric archaeology living in Scotland. Her work focuses on bringing feminist and anthropological theories of sex and gender to the field of European archaeology. She is fascinated by the force of the feminine and by ancient archetypes that surround us even today.

Maéva Lecoq is 18 years old and lives in Nantes. She often travels through France with friends to discover new places to photograph. She studies at the Academy of  Fine Arts of Nantes.

Olivia McCall is pursuing undergraduate studies in Art History and English at Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City. She has a passion for both visual and performing arts, is an avid reader, stationery enthusiast, and poet. Seeking knowledge through both written and visual images, she finds allure in the stories they tell and the histories they create.

Beth Miller studies English Literature at Columbia University. She danced with The Washington Ballet, Houston Ballet, Columbia Ballet Collaborative, and Santa Fe Opera. 

Alanna Reeves is a multidisciplinary artist and writer hailing from Washington, D.C.  She seeks to investigate the displaced identity's focus, idealization, and connection to homelands through reading, discussion, and art based revivals of familial traditions. She enjoys creating safe and warm spaces through food.